Being Increasingly

Minna Långström

Being, increasingly is a Gesamtkunstverk centered around a 3-channel video installation that combines video with spatial and optical elements. It is a three screen film portrait of the researcher Hilma Granqvist and the time she spent in two societies before the second world war: Finland and Palestine. Filmed in FInland and Palestine, Being, increasingly seeks to interpret Hilma Granqvist’s experience of these two cultures, which in different ways came to be her home. The interpretation is based on Granqvist’s own writings, and on what was written about her. The project first and foremost evokes a sense of belonging that is independent of notions of nationalism. Through Granqvist, Långström is able to pose interesting questions about belonging and outsiderness, along with the creation of nations' identities.

Production Year
Original Title
Triumf att finnas till
Finnish Title

Riemu olla olemassa

English Title

Being Increasingly

Production Countries
Minna Långström (Author), Minna Långström (Cinematographer), Nuutti Koskinen (Cinematographer), Minna Långström (Director), Minna Långström (Producer), Minna Långström (Script), Minna Långström (Sound Design), Kajsa Ek (Actor), AVEK - The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (Funder), Svenska Kulturfonden (Funder)
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Minna Långström is a media artist who works with short film and installation. Through visual experimentation, her works often deal with screen based visual culture in relation to the subjective human experience. Some of her participatory installations focusses on social perspectives on technologically mediated narratives, while her more recent short films and immersive installations deal with certain political histories - and their influences on the present.