Services for Artists

For Artists The main mission of AV-arkki is to promote Finnish media art. In this role, AV-arkki serves artists in various ways.

As part of AV-arkki’s archive, artists receive:

  • Their own artist page on AV-arkki’s online platform.
  • The opportunity to submit works to AV-arkki’s archive.
  • AV-arkki delivers single-channel works received in the archive to be long-term archived in collaboration with KAVI.
  • AV-arkki promotes works from its archive to curators, researchers, museums, and art educators.
  • AV-arkki maintains a deadline calendar featuring schedules of crucial media art festivals.
  • AV-arkki provides affordable editing services and assistance in transmitting presentation copies.
  • AV-arkki offers guidance and training on issues related to selling, producing, distributing, and presenting media art.

Works from AV-arkki’s archive can also be rented directly for various events, festivals, and exhibitions. 60% of the collected presentation fees are paid to artists as royalties.

It is advisable for artists to direct presentation copy requests and inquiries about works to AV-arkki, where we take care of the following on behalf of the artist:

  • Technical implementation and delivery of presentation copies.
  • Negotiation and invoicing of presentation fees (such requests should be made in a timely manner to ensure delivery through AV-arkki).

AV-arkki actively promotes the status of media art in collaboration with other organizations in the field and through its own development projects.