Placing an order requires agreeing to AV-arkki’s rental terms and conditions.

Please contact Programme Coordinator Tytti Rantanen ( if you wish to rent works for your event.

Screening fees

AV-arkki charges screening fees for public screenings of the works of its member artists.

The screening fee includes the following services:
-screening fees for artists
-consultation in selecting works and technical support
-preparing and delivering digital screening copies online
-rights to press materials

Our normal delivery time is 14 working days.

Rush deliveries double the price of handling fees.

Handling and delivery fees are added to the price of physical deliveries.

Delivering a digital screening copy via our online service is included in the screening fee.

Delivery of physical copies includes additional handling and delivery fees.

Holidays may affect delivery times.

AV-arkki is not liable to VAT (VAT 0%).

60% of screening fees are directed to the artist as royalties, while AV-arkki keeps 40% as handling fees.

New pricing starting 1.1.2024:

Single-channel works in cinema screenings

Screening fee per work:

Duration of work less than 20 min: €100 (incl. VAT 0%)

Duration of work 20–40 min: €200 (incl. VAT 0%)

Duration of work more than 40 min: €400 (incl. VAT 0%)

Up to 5 additional screenings during the event: -25 %

6–10 additional screening during the event: -50 %

Rentals involving entire programmes and larger selections of works will be priced on a case-by-case basis.

Installation use, museums or exhibitions

Fee per work, based on the length of the exhibition time (months):

1 month €700 (incl. VAT 0%)

2 months €1050 (incl. VAT 0%)

3 months €1400 (incl. VAT 0%)

4 months €1750 (incl. VAT 0%)

5 months €2100 (incl. VAT 0%)

6 months €2450 (incl. VAT 0%)

> 6 months negotiated on case-by-case basis (incl. VAT 0%)

Screening fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis for larger selections of works and longer exhibition periods.

The organisers of the exhibition are responsible for the costs and arrangements related to installation and presentation technology.

AV-arkki’s screening fees do not include fees related to consultation, performance, installation or configuring a custom setup for the venue/event paid to the artist. The organiser of the event must pay the artist separately for the artist’s additional contribution.

Short term installation use, festivals and other events

Fee per work:

One week: €350 (incl. VAT 0%)

Weekend: €300 (incl. VAT 0%)

Online screening

Negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Online viewing rights for educational use

Fee includes password protected link for video streaming. Fee per work:

1–3 works / course: €50 (incl. VAT 0%)

4–6 works / course: €45 (incl. VAT 0%)

7–10 works / course: €35 (incl. VAT 0%)

Over 10 works / course: €30 (incl. VAT 0%)

If you want to use works in AV-arkki’s archive for educational purposes, please contact Programme Coordinator Tytti Rantanen ( Please note that regular cinema screening fees apply in the case physical screening copies are handled.


€75 / 30 min (incl. VAT 0%)

Minimum charge: €75

Editing services

€145 / h (incl. VAT 0%)

Minimum charge: €145

File transfers

Online file transfer (not including screening rights): €40 / file (incl. VAT 0%)

Includes only a download link for the prepared file. If the file has to be converted or prepared separately, the additional work is priced according to the editing services prices.

Delivery fees

Postage for screening copies, regular-sized letters, domestic: €20 (incl. VAT 0%)

Postage for screening copies, Maxi letter, domestic: €30 (incl. VAT 0%)

Postage abroad and courier services are priced on case-by-case basis.

Data storage

Memory cards, hard drives and other data storage devices are priced on a case-by-case basis.