Partners and Networks

AV-arkki collaborates with other expert organizations in the field of visual arts both domestically and internationally. If you are interested in working with us or visiting, do not hesitate to contact us!

Domestic Partners and Collaboration

The Finnish Media Art Network is an association which aims to enhance cooperation between different media art organisations in Finland. The association creates and maintains international and domestic contacts and promotes media art and culture in Finland. The Finnish Media Art Network was founded in December 2009. Members include the following organizations: AV-arkki, Artists’ Association MUUm-cultPixelacheÄänen Lumo, Bioart Society and Alternative Party.

The Finnish Society on Media Education, founded in 2005, is a national association operating in two main languages (Finnish and Swedish). Our aim is to support and develop the field of research and practices concerning media education, contribute to the public debate and provide opportunities to share media education experiences online and offline. AV-arkki was accepted as a member organization of the Finnish Society on Media Education in 2011.

Frame Contemporary Art Finland is an export and advocacy agent for Finnish contemporary art. We promote Finnish art internationally, encourage professional partnerships and advocate contemporary art and culture in Finland.

HIAP Helsinki International Artists’ Recidency programme is one of the largest international residency centres in Finland and the only one operating in the capital. HIAP focuses primarily on the visual arts and is open to artists and curators from various disciplines.

Domestic Festivals and Venues We Collaborate with Include:

Tampere Film FestivalHelsinki Short Film Festival, AAVE festivalKino Kaiku, Forum BoxReikäreuna Film FestivalHelsinki International Film Festival Love and Anarchy

International Networks

AV-arkki is a proud member of DINAMO – Distribution Network of Artists’ Moving Image Organizations. We are an international coalition for distribution organisations supporting and promoting artist’s moving images. Our goal is to share our common expertise in the areas of advocacy, exhibition, preservation and education. DINAMO’s member organizations include: Film Form / Sweden, V Tape / Canada, LUX / United Kingdom, Electronic Arts Intermix / United States, Video Data Bank / Chicago,  Light Cone / France, Lima / The Netherlands, Six Pack Films / Austria. DINAMO also runs an active discussion list for distributors of experimental and avant-garde media art.G

Nordic Partners

Pnek |
Vasulka Chamber, National Gallery of Iceland