To Melt (Installation)

Långström Minna

Is it possible to not repeat history? Somewhere in time a person carries a package, then drops it to the ground with a crash. Someone else explores the content of the box. The story is repeated in what first appears to be an endless loop. The four-channel video installation To Melt is an audiovisual poem about intergenerational transmissions of memories. The fictional space in the film, as well as the installation itself, underlines a narrative structure built on repetition. The same story is repeated eight times in the film installation, with little variation. Two characters are played by seven actors in order to render descriptive notions such as gender irrelevant to the story. Subsequently the piece also explores the very concept of identification with characters in films.

Production Year
Original Title
Att Smälta (Installaatio)
Finnish Title

Sulaminen (Installaatio)

English Title

To Melt (Installation)

Production Countries
Minna Långström (Author), Mikko Levoska (Cinematographer), Minna Långström (Director), Minna Långström (Editor), Elina Hyvärinen (Sound)
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Långström is a media artist and filmmaker. Her artistic work consists of films – short fiction and documentary – as well as cinematic installations, combining moving images with spatial elements. Her work processes tend to be extensive, well researched and interdisciplinary. Her work focuses on social perspectives on technologically mediated narratives and visual technologies, as well as certain political histories and their cinematic influences on the present. The intuitive experience and role of the viewer is a central aspect of her installations.