AV-arkki Distributes and Promotes Finnish Media Art

We work closely with curators and event organizers. We offer media art works annually to over two hundred events worldwide.

Our extensive distribution activities enable the emergence of new works and artists in the international fields of contemporary art. We promote Finnish media art efficiently through our online service. The distribution archive also contains older works, thus especially serving the needs of researchers.

We provide media art to different festivals, museums, exhibitions and events both in Finland and abroad as well as to media and art education.

We constantly develop tools and processes for distributing and promoting media art. The most significant tools are the databases, the Distribution Catalogue and online service. The online catalogue serves events and promotes the distribution of new works that have not yet premiered.

The statistic information we gather on the international and domestic visibility of Finnish media art, promotes the artists’ careers as well as supports research and decision making.

Our main channels of communication are the online service www.av-arkki.fi with its preview archive, and the social media: