Thin Membrane (Installation)

Minna Långström

Thin Membrane consists of a built-in structure representing a part of a wall of a residential house. On the wall there is a window. The window acts as a frame for the video. The video shows what would be seen through the window; a group of friends having a nice dinner together. The viewer can follow the dinner, its different rituals, objects, and other symbols which create a sense of togetherness and are highlighted when the dialogue cannot be heard. At times, the viewer can hear laughter through the window, but otherwise the soundtrack consists of the sound of a hard wind. The dinner is occasionally disrupted by electric cuts. The window glass is darkened, revealing the reflection of the visitor, the outsider, separated from the party only by a thin glass membrane. The video installation includes an immersive five-channel soundtrack. 

Production Year
Original Title
Ohut kalvo / Den Tunna Hinnan (Installaatio)
Finnish Title

Ohut Kalvo / Den Tunna Hinnan (Installaatio)

English Title

Thin Membrane (Installation)

Minna Långström (Author), Ville Tanttu (Cinematographer), Minna Långström (Director), Minna Långström (Editor), Minna Långström (Script), AVEK (Funder), Taiteen keskustoimikunta (Funder), Kimmo Vänttinen (Sound)
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Långström is a media artist and filmmaker. Her artistic work consists of films – short fiction and documentary – as well as cinematic installations, combining moving images with spatial elements. Her work processes tend to be extensive, well researched and interdisciplinary. Her work focuses on social perspectives on technologically mediated narratives and visual technologies, as well as certain political histories and their cinematic influences on the present. The intuitive experience and role of the viewer is a central aspect of her installations.