Rental terms and conditions

AV-arkki’s services are cost-effective and efficient. Our staff will assist you in all questions related to renting, screening and acquiring our works!

Please contact Programme Coordinator Tytti Rantanen ( if you want to rent AV-arkki’s works for your event!

AV-arkki charges screening fees for screening the works of its member artists.

The web service offers previews and images intended for professional previewing purposes only.

The public screening of content from (including for educational purposes) is forbidden.

Terms and conditions for renting screening rights

Completing an order requires accepting AV-arkki’s terms and conditions for rentals. The rental terms and conditions read as follows:

The screening fee must be paid by the date agreed to between the parties.

The delivery time is 14 working days after the order has been received. Delivery times do not include time required for postage. Holidays may affect delivery times.

Physical screening and preview copies (e.g. hard drives, memory cards, Blu-ray, DVD, film) must be returned to AV-arkki no later than 14 working days after the event has ended.

Copying physical screening and preview copies is forbidden.

Late returns of physical screening and preview copies will prompt an additional fee. Unreturned materials will be invoiced according to acquisition prices.

Digital files of screening copies delivered by AV-arkki and all additional copies must be deleted after the event.

The work may be screened only during the time and in the way agreed to by the parties beforehand.

The work may not be uploaded online, published on any platform or used for promotional purposes.

Copying and/or recording the work into a private or public archive is forbidden.

All additional screenings must be negotiated with AV-arkki separately and the appropriate screening fee must be paid.

Cancelling an order

An order may be cancelled until 14 working days before the event and if the works ordered have not been delivered yet and the client has not used AV-arkki’s consultation on curatorial or technical questions. 

If the client wants to cancel the order and AV-arkki’s personnel has already delivered the screening files and/or other services (e.g. curatorial or technical consultation), AV-arkki will charge 40 % of the screening fee. This is a service fee and does not include screening rights of any kind. 

AV-arkki records information about its partners and clients according to its current privacy statement.