THE LINE - Four Projections

Långström Minna

Who’s stories have been told?  

“I want to have…., I love….., I don’t have…!” Provoked by a line in the film Persona by Ingmar Bergman, a woman dreams about the complexity of projections and their origins. In her dream the woman witnesses the rehearsal of a scene in Persona, where Ingmar Bergman is directing the actor Bibi Anderson. The Line -four projections discusses the way film has played its part in constructing various feminine mythical personifications and how women in man made film history so often are described in terms of their relation to children. This is an account of one woman coming to terms with her own non-motherhood, and in the process shedding off the layers influenced by stories about women which are not stories about women. The film features some of the actual equipemt used in the making of Persona. 

Production Year
Original Title
REPLIKEN - Fyra projectioner
Finnish Title
REPLIIKKI - Neljä projisointia
English Title
THE LINE - Four Projections
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Minna Långström (Author), Minna Långström (Director)
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Långström is a media artist and filmmaker. Her artistic work consists of films – short fiction and documentary – as well as cinematic installations, combining moving images with spatial elements. Her work processes tend to be extensive, well researched and interdisciplinary. Her work focuses on social perspectives on technologically mediated narratives and visual technologies, as well as certain political histories and their cinematic influences on the present. The intuitive experience and role of the viewer is a central aspect of her installations.