Why do you want to have a child?

Minna Rainio

The first form that the parent going for child adoption needs to fill in has the question, 'Why do you want to have a child?' The form has only two lines to answer such a big question. To get a biological child, parents do not need to fill in forms, analyze and justify their reasons. In the video, the question is put forward to people who have a child, who wish to have a child, and to those who don’t want children. The unexpected question reveals feelings of surprise, discomfort and hesitation. The issue has been relevant to the filmmakers who answer the question themselves in the work.

Production Year
Original Title
Miksi haluat lapsen?
Finnish Title
Miksi haluat lapsen?
English Title
Why do you want to have a child?
Production Countries
Finland,United States
Aspect Ratio
Minna Rainio (Author), Mark Roberts (Author), Minna Rainio (Director), Mark Roberts (Director), Minna Rainio (Editor), Mark Roberts (Editor), Minna Rainio (Camera), Mark Roberts (Camera)
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Minna Rainio and Mark Roberts create short films and moving image installations that combine aspects of documentary and fiction filmmaking. Their new short film “To Teach a Bird to Fly” (2020) looks at climate change and bird extinction. Rainio and Roberts’s films have been widely exhibited in Finland, Europe, the United States and South America, and have been shown in the official selections of numerous international film festivals.