The Ground Beneath Her Feet

Pathirane Sara

Sara Pathirane’s The Ground Beneath Her Feet is the first in a new suite of video works in which she studies the human body in the moving image. The work is a paean to the movements of humankind and nature, to the fragility and power of nature’s elements, and to all the women who inhabit this earth. The Ground Beneath Her Feet is a silent video triptych with three characters. The choreographers Iina Taijonlahti, Suvi Tuominen and Laura Pietiläinen move in dialogue with the landscape: an ice-cold stream and a frozen swamp in eastern Lapland; cliffs faces at Petra in Jordan; 300-year-old lava fields on Lanzarote; two-billion-year-old wave patterns in the bedrock at Koli, Finland; and Kung Fu exercises at the foot of Songshan, a mountain in Henan Province, China. Pathirane uses Chroma key compositing to unite body movements and shapes with the landscape. Her work has deep roots in painting; in The Ground Beneath Her Feet she retains watercolour painting’s fluid, spontaneous, intractable character. 

Production Year
Original Title
The Ground Beneath Her Feet
English Title

The Ground Beneath Her Feet

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Sara Pathirane (Author), Hannes Renvall (Cinematographer), Rabbe Sandström (Cinematographer), Sara Pathirane (Director), Sara Pathirane (Editor), Sara Pathirane (Producer), Sara Pathirane (Script), Laura Pietiläinen (Choreographer), Iina Taijonlahti (Choreographer), Suvi Tuominen (Choreographer), Taiteen keskustoimikunta (Funder)
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Sara Pathirane

Born: 1985

Sara Pathirane’s work deals with the tradition of landscape painting and the problematics of taking a picture. As shooting locations for her videos she uses nature areas known from movies and paintings, shifting between the everyday and the fiction. She works with video, painting and live-installations. Pathirane lives and works in Helsinki. She has studied in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and Accademia Albertina in Torino. Her works have been shown for example at Taiga-Space, Saint-Petersburg (2016), Colombo Art Biennale (2016) and Kiasma (2010, 2013).