A Shipwreck

Pathirane Sara

A Shipwreck is an installation that consists of a video projection which reflects from the screen onto a transparent surface on the floor, and a live performance by the artist. The installation may also be presented as a projection without the performance. The work investigates what happens to an image when it is shipwrecked into an unfamiliar place, into a new image outside of its origins, where it does not belong. It deals with the presence of the image that exist in between three places, creating a fracture in time and prologing its own existence towards eternity.  

Production Year
Original Title
Eräs haaksirikko
Finnish Title

Eräs haaksirikko

English Title

A Shipwreck

Production Countries
Sara Pathirane (Author), Henrik Amberla (Cinematographer), Sara Pathirane (Director), Henrik Amberla (Editor), Sara Pathirane (Script), Kuvataideakatemia (Funder)
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Sara Pathirane

Born: 1985

Sara Pathirane’s work deals with the tradition of landscape painting and the problematics of taking a picture. As shooting locations for her videos she uses nature areas known from movies and paintings, shifting between the everyday and the fiction. She works with video, painting and live-installations. Pathirane lives and works in Helsinki. She has studied in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and Accademia Albertina in Torino. Her works have been shown for example at Taiga-Space, Saint-Petersburg (2016), Colombo Art Biennale (2016) and Kiasma (2010, 2013).