Sõprus – Druzhba (Friendship)

Pennanen Anu

The video examines the urbanization of the cityscape from the perspective of teenagers in the Estonian capital Tallinn. Between documentary and fiction, the film draws a parallel between the teenagers' growth and the city’s developments. Two groups, Estonian and Russian, separated by language and history, are becoming curious about each other. The issues are framed against the backdrop of historically charged city locations, Linnahall cultural centre and Maarjamäe Memorial site, and in contrast with these, the recently opened Viru Keskus shopping centre. These spaces were originally planned by the authorities for specific public purposes. Teenagers who spend more time hanging around than others, transform the places into event sites that have a different purpose than was originally planned. The film is based on workshops, texts, and discussions with the nine teenagers featured in the film. The young people seem to float above the dominant and alienating environment, immersed in their own circles. The individual experience is put in dialogue with the monumental aspects of architecture and cinema.

Production Year
Original Title
Sõprus – Druzhba
Finnish Title
Sõprus – Druzhba (Ystävyys)
English Title
Sõprus – Druzhba (Friendship)
Production Countries
Aspect Ratio
Anu Pennanen (Author), Anu Pennanen (Director), Anu Pennanen (Editor), VIRTA productions (Producer), Sanna Kultanen (Producer), Anu Pennanen (Script)
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Anu Pennanen is an artist based in Berlin. She works within urban public space and its relation to cinema and media. She is interested in people situated in alienating architectural structures of power. Pennanen has participated in international exhibitions and film festivals since 2004, including CCA Glasgow (2013), Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki (2012), CAC Vilnius (2011), Centre Pompidou Paris (2010), Ars Baltica Photography Triennale (2008, 2007), Frankfurter Kunstverein (2007), Manifesta 5 (2004) and Momentum Nordic Art Biennial in Moss (2004). In 2011 she received The Golden Cube Award for best media installation award from Dokfest Kassel. Since 2011 Pennanen forms an artist duo with Stéphane Querrec.