The Ruins of the Gaze

Anu Pennanen

‘The Ruins of the Gaze’ is a 5-screen architectonic video installation about the historic Les Halles, Europe’s biggest metro station/shopping centre complex, which is in Paris. The work was filmed just before the area was to be rebuilt. The metro station’s central traffic interchange has been nicknamed ‘The Flipper’. The pinball metaphor aptly depicts the uncertain, violent character of the liberal world: stay in the game as long as possible, follow the rules, and be ready to be hurled out at any moment. The people coming face to face at Les Halles are caught between endlessly judgmental gazes, social conflicts and history, right in the centre of the city of the image. The installation’s five irregularly shaped, sculptural screens form a space of intersecting perspectives. Distinguishable amidst the masses are a few individuals who momentarily break out of the ongoing, grinding pulse of everyday life, to become untouchable.

Production Year
Original Title
La ruine du regard
Finnish Title
Katseen raunio
English Title
The Ruins of the Gaze
Production Countries
Aspect Ratio
Anu Pennanen (Author), Anu Pennanen (Director), Anne Lakanen (Editor), Avenue B (Producer), Anu Pennanen (Script), Irina Lubchansky (Camera), Anu Pennanen (Camera), Sophie Cadet (Camera), Avanton Productions Oy (Production Company), Titus Maderlechner (Sound)
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Anu Pennanen is an artist based in Berlin. She works within urban public space and its relation to cinema and media. She is interested in people situated in alienating architectural structures of power. Pennanen has participated in international exhibitions and film festivals since 2004, including CCA Glasgow (2013), Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki (2012), CAC Vilnius (2011), Centre Pompidou Paris (2010), Ars Baltica Photography Triennale (2008, 2007), Frankfurter Kunstverein (2007), Manifesta 5 (2004) and Momentum Nordic Art Biennial in Moss (2004). In 2011 she received The Golden Cube Award for best media installation award from Dokfest Kassel. Since 2011 Pennanen forms an artist duo with Stéphane Querrec.