Remedies - Remedies

Petri Saarikko

The Australian edition of Remedies casted Mildura natives to contribute eucalyptus tree related unwritten narratives and oral histories for an individual and collective portraiture. Earth bound clay object-action cements the liminal stories and realities around the complex legacy of postcolonial wake into a collective stem. The project was conceived by the Finnish-Swiss artist duo Sasha Huber and Petri Saarikko and consisted of a series of filmed sessions around Mildura. During each session, participants were invited to share eucalyptus tree related remedies, these were choreographed and edited into an installation piece.

Production Year
Original Title
Remedies - Remedies
Finnish Title

Rohdot - Remedies

English Title

Remedies - Remedies

Production Countries
Petri Saarikko (Author), Sasha Huber (Author), Sasha Huber (Director), Petri Saarikko (Director), Sasha Huber (Producer), Petri Saarikko (Producer), Jayne Bawden (Actor), Heather Lee (Actor), Ivan Johnson (Actor), Denise James (Actor), Tahnaya Belling O'Donnell (Actor), Emma Oliver (Actor), Sasha Huber (Actor), Alfred Meredith (Actor), Amanda Hicks (Actor), Molly Walker (Actor), Shannon Young (Actor), David James (Actor), Donata Carrazza (Actor), Bob Jankowski (Actor), Peter Webb (Actor), Corey Payne (Actor), Mary Pappin (Actor), Toni Langdon (Actor), Taya Philip Thomas (Actor), Amy Duke (Actor), Deborah Walker (Actor), Tam Webster (Editor), TAIKE (Funder), Arts Mildura (Funder), Corey Payne (Musician), Sasha Huber (Script), Petri Saarikko (Script), Tam Webster (Sound Design)
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Petri Saarikko (b. 1973) is Helsinki-based artist and designer. In his site-specific installations, Saarikko combines social commentary with his work as a designer and his background in new media. His work is highly performative in nature. Saarikko does not shy away from provocation. He often challenges ideas of national identity, artistic authorship or official political discourses by changing their context and thus showing the true, artificial nature of these phenomena. His work seeks to expose power relations, to make room for individual narratives, and takes a stand on behalf of equality. Saarikko collaborates regularly with his partner Sasha Huber Saarikko.