I Love JaNY

Sasha Huber

'I love JaNY' is a portrait of Jany Tomba, the artistʼs aunt, who at an early age, in the 1960s, experienced what it is like to emigrate with her family from the dictatorship in Haiti to New York. Ever since Sasha was a child, she has been fascinated and inspired by Jany's life. Huber was curious to find out what expectations and dreams Jany had, and how the various incidents in her life led her into a career that she knew almost nothing about – that of a successful, ʻearly-generationʼ black fashion model, spending over 25 years with the Ford modeling agency.

Production Year
Original Title
I Love JaNY
Finnish Title
I Love JaNY
English Title
I Love JaNY
Production Countries
Finland,United States
Aspect Ratio
Siro Micheroli (Cinematographer), Sasha Huber (Author), Oliver Blank (Composer), Sasha Huber (Director), Fernando Teixeira (Editor), Jany Tomba (Actor), Suomen Kulttuurirahasto (Funder), Rafael Vieira (Sound)
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Sasha Huber (CH/FI) is a Helsinki based multidisciplinary visual artist of Swiss-Haitian heritage. She works and presents her work internationally and is primarily concerned with the politics of memory and belonging, particularly in relation to colonial residue left in the environment. Sensitive to the subtle threads connecting history and the present, she uses and responds to archival material within a layered creative practice that encompasses performance-based interventions, video, photography, and collaborations. Huber is also claiming the compressed-air staple gun, aware of its symbolic significance as a weapon while offering the potential to renegotiate unequal power dynamics. Huber works regularly in a creative partnership with her partner artist Petri Saarikko. She holds an MA from the University of Art and Design Helsinki and is presently undertaking practice-based PhD studies.