Minimal Romantic

Palosaari Sari

A glass cube penetrates the wall of a skyscraper high up above an urban landscape. Inside the cube there are people viewing the distant horizon. One hears a slightly volatile, minimal sound, when the cube rises up along the axis of the image. The slow rising movement is emphasized with the sound that reaches a level of disturbance until the point it snaps to a complete silence at the very moment the cube reaches its highest point. For some time one can still hear the echo of the sound that suddenly was cut away. A free fall begins. The image scatters into multiple cubicles that float over the view. The images of the video show the lookout ledge of the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. The material is partly filmed on the location and partly collected from the internet. The work explores the experience that the unique architectural structure proposes but cannot fulfill due to circumstances on the place: the queuing, the security control and the amount of visitors. An installation version also available.

Production Year
Original Title
Minimal Romantic
Finnish Title
Minimal Romantic
English Title
Minimal Romantic
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Sari Palosaari (Cinematographer), Sari Palosaari (Author), Sari Palosaari (Director), Sari Palosaari (Editor), Sari Palosaari (Script), Heidi Tikka (Funder), Ilkka Olander (Sound)
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Sari Palosaari

Born: 1975

Sari Palosaari is a visual artist living and working in Helsinki. She has studied in the University of Art and Design Helsinki and the Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki. Her works consists of architectural constructions, sculptures and video. Palosaari’s works have been exhibited in galleries, museums and festivals nationally and internationally, recently in Purnu Art Centre in Orivesi, Finland, Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA, Helsinki International Short Film Festival, TINAG Festival in London, C-PS-gallery in Chicago and Printemps Immédiat events in Paris.