Frequently Asked Questions

About AV-arkki

What is AV-arkki and what do we do?

AV-arkki is the centre for Finnish media art.

AV-arkki is a registered non-profit association. AV-arkki’s Business ID is 0976060-4.

AV-arkki was founded 1989 within the Artists’ Association MUU as a project for archiving and distributing experimental audiovisual art. After a couple of years, AV-arkki separated from MUU. AV-arkki became a registered association in 1991.

AV-arkki is a unique promoter of media art, a data bank and a network builder both in Finland and internationally. AV-arkki is a notable expert organisation that Finnish and international clients turn to when they want to exhibit Finnish media art.

Media art has moved from the margins to the centre of Finnish contemporary art and visual culture. Finnish media art is currently the most important form of audiovisual and contemporary art in terms of international visibility. AV-arkki has contributed to its success significantly.

AV-arkki organises events and exhibitions with its partners where it showcases media art in various contexts and venues in Finland and internationally. Its distribution archive enables clients to revisit older works and it is of particular importance to researchers.

In addition to its distribution programme and archive, AV-arkki also supports its member artists by offering them the tools and advice they need to promote their own work.

AV-arkki represents its members’ interests and promotes media art and culture in general. It also publishes media art and media pedagogy materials.

AV-arkki’s purpose is defined in more detail in the rules of the association.

How does AV-arkki make decisions?

Director Hanna Maria Anttila is in charge of daily operations at AV-arkki’s offices.

AV-arkki’s Board is responsible for major operative guidelines. The Board meets 6–8 times a year to decide on important and current issues. The Board also decides on accepting new members into the association. The President of the Board can be reached at president(at)

AV-arkki’s general meetings are held twice a year in spring and the fall.

Members will receive calls to the meetings via email.


How do you apply for an AV-arkki membership?

AV-arkki membership applications are submitted via an online form.

The form may be submitted at any time. The Board processes the applications twice a year, in
June and December.

Who can apply for an AV-arkki membership?

AV-arkki is the Centre for Finnish Media Art. Our funding is sourced from Finland. Therefore, full membership is available for professional artists who are permanent residents in Finland and/or Finnish citizens. Finnish companies, associations and cooperatives that produce media art may also apply for a membership.

For information on becoming a supporting member, please contact the Director.

How much is the AV-arkki membership fee?

The membership fee is decided annually during the association’s spring meeting.

In 2020, AV-arkki’s membership fee was €60 for individual members and €100 for production companies or cooperatives.

Artists who are over 65 years old are exempt from the association’s membership fee. Members must inform the Director when they reach the age limit. AV-arkki does not monitor its members’ birthdays.

What are the benefits of an AV-arkki membership?

The benefits and services available to AV-arkki’s members are listed on the Services for Members page.

AV-arkki’s archive

Submitting titles for the archive

How do I submit a title for AV-arkki’s archive?

AV-arkki admits new titles into the archive twice a year. We will inform our member artists via newsletter every time admissions begin.

Usually admissions begin in January and June, but changes to the schedule are possible.

The archive may admit both new and older titles, and admit more than one at a time. The works can be single or multichannel, film or video works or moving image installations, VR or AR works, online works, performances or other live works with media art elements. During the admission process, we require a preview link, a synopsis, the duration of the work, information about the publication date and information about the music and other copyrights.

On what basis are titles selected for AV-arkki’s archives?

AV-arkki has limited resources, which is why we have to limit the number of titles we admit into the archives.

The titles are qualified by their threshold of originality and their suitability for AV-arkki’s archive as a whole. Copyright issues related to the title must also be in order. Unfinished works are not admitted into the archives. An open admission may, however, accept a working copy with unfinished postproduction as preview material. The preview materials must provide an idea of the work as a whole.

We do not admit titles that have been, for example, used as background material for other works or used in advertising.

Who decides which titles are admitted into the AV-arkki archives?

The admitted titles are selected by an archive committee appointed by the Board. The committee includes a member of the AV-arkki staff (e.g. the Director), a member artist in AV-arkki’s Board and a member artist who is not part of AV-arkki’s Board.

When does AV-arkki charge an archiving fee?

The first title selected to the archive that year is not subject to an archiving fee.

Admitting several titles into the archive and editing the title’s information or its files are subject to the archiving fee.

AV-arkki’s distribution

Festival distribution

Independent distribution and promoting

Distribution terminology

Consultation service for member artists regarding the sales