Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Heli Rekula

Innocence and the loss of innocence is one of Rekula’s main themes, one she approaches precisely through the image of the child undergoing socialization towards womanhood. In a sense, the first loss of innocence takes place at the moment when the child first senses her separeteness, seeing herself through another person's eyes. Later, the images circulating in culture offer ideals and role models, shaping our conseption of our own bodies and identities. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow shows a girl alternately posing for the camera like a tourist, or pouting her lips like a model in an advertisement. Little by little the girl is loosing the learned behavior and forgets the presence of the viewing camera to let the pure child-like energy take over.

Production Year
Original Title
Täällä tänään, huomenna mennyttä
Finnish Title
Täällä tänään, huomenna mennyttä
English Title
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Production Countries
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Heli Rekula (Author), Heli Rekula (Director), Heli Rekula (Producer), Crystal Eye (Producer), Heli Rekula (Script), Tuomo Virtanen (Camera), Emma Kutvonen (Cast), Humina / Tube Seppänen (Sound)
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Heli Rekula

Born: 1963

Heli Rekula is an acknowledged Finnish artist working with photography, moving image and installation. Rekula is known for both her staged and landscape photographs. She deals with matters like cultural ideals of beauty and the questions of normative identity construction. In 2001 Rekula participated in the Plateau of Humankind exhibition at the Venice Biennale and her retrospective exhibition (1989–2004) was seen at Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma in 2005. Rekula was awarded with the Finnish State Prize for Photography in 2005 and with Ars Fennica Award in 2002. In 2012, she was a candidate for the Nordic Carnegie Art Award.