With You

Virkajärvi Sampsa

The old father is lying on the bed, too tired even to talk – it is time to say goodbye. The son tries to understand his father and himself as a middle-aged father of small children. The film examines the constantly changing relationship between a father and son – the intimacy, admiration, difference, silence. After years of distance, he is building a chance for understanding and – from the perspective of the son – some kind of continuity between them. The father, ready to give up everything, is capable of giving his son something that is essential and beautiful in its simplicity. Old photographs and narrow films have been used in the work.

Production Year
Original Title
Sun kanssa
Finnish Title
Sun kanssa
English Title
With You
Production Countries
Aspect Ratio
Sampsa Virkajärvi (Author), Sampsa Virkajärvi (Cinematographer), Sampsa Virkajärvi (Director), Sampsa Virkajärvi (Editor), Sampsa Virkajärvi (Producer), Sampsa Virkajärvi (Script), Sampsa Virkajärvi (Sound Design), Sampsa Virkajärvi (Actor), Sampsa Virkajärvi (Camera), Salla Hämäläinen (Sound), Sampsa Virkajärvi (Sound)
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Sampsa Virkajärvi

Born: 1970

Sampsa Virkajärvi is a visual artist and documentary filmmaker. His works deal with cultural issues and historical matters. Virkajärvi is interested in people’s experiences of living under the pressures of economical powers and technological changes. His works explore the ways in which people attempt to make the world more understandable and suitable for themselves. Virkajärvi’s works have been seen in exhibitions and festivals including Helsinki Art Museum’s Kluuvi Gallery (2008), Mänttä Art Festival (2008), Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma (2008) and Kunsthalle Helsinki (2001).