Toikka Jenni

Color fields unfold as a female figure weaves her way amongst them. Changing viewpoints together with her gestures create order around the fields. The seemingly random pieces slot into place while the rhythms of sound, movement and gaze give shape to a space they all share. Installation version also available.

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Jenni Toikka (Author), Jenni Toikka (Cinematographer), Masi Tiitta (Composer), Heidi Lind (Composer), Jenni Toikka (Director), Jenni Toikka (Editor), Jenni Toikka (Script), Anna Paavilainen (Actor), Heidi Tikka / AVEK (Funder), Heidi Lind (Sound), Masi Tiitta (Sound)
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Jenni Toikka

Born: 1983

Jenni Toikka (b. 1983) is a Helsinki-based visual artist working predominantly with moving images. Toikka graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki in 2012. She has had several solo exhibitions in Helsinki including at Sinne, Forum Box and Kluuvi Gallery. In autumn 2019, her work was shown in the solo exhibition Reel at HAM – Helsinki Art Museum. Jenni Toikka’s video pieces have been seen internationally in group exhibitions and at festivals. Her work is represented in the collections of the Saastamoinen Foundation, Espoo Modern Art museum EMMA and the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma.