Stupid Sweetheart

Anna-Mari Nousiainen

”You are the only people who will be there for each other through your whole life,” said my mother at the end of the 90's. All is linked to the ordinary life, everyday torture and tenderness of the nursery. Here we are, these are our unique memories, yet the experience is universal. We lived side by side through the stormiest times of our childhood and teenage years. What do we put up with in the name of sisterhood? Stupid sweetheart is a film that has been crafted into existence through performance, real life and memories mixing to fantasy. Everything is true, but nothing is real.

Production Year
Original Title
Rakas ääliö
Finnish Title

Rakas ääliö

English Title

Stupid Sweetheart

Production Countries
Anna-Mari Nousiainen (Author), Anna-Mari Nousiainen (Cinematographer), Anna-Mari Nousiainen (Director), Anna-Mari Nousiainen (Editor), Anna-Mari Nousiainen (Script), Anna-Mari Nousiainen (Sound Design), Samuli Ala-Lahti (Sound Design), Marja Nousiainen (Actor), Anna-Mari Nousiainen (Actor), Paula Nousiainen (Actor), Valtteri Piira (Color Grading), Valtteri Piira (Lighting), Samuli Ala-Lahti (Sound Mixer), Kiia Misukka (Translator)
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Anna-Mari Nousiainen (b.1991) lives in Helsinki and works mainly in rural Finland. She is an artist and a filmmaker whose works often take place in forests and fields, outside cities. Nousiainen graduated from Tampere University of Applied Sciences where she studied cinematography and arts. Her works have been shown at various festivals and exhibitions. Nousiainen’s experimental films balance between delightful and disgusting. Creamy pastels turn into slime, falling teeth are in fact crystals, sweet girls paint their faces with blood. Everything is association. Dreams, warped memories and actual events merge into one – lines blur and dreams shift into reality. Every memory is equally important, whether it is true or false.