Practical Ecology 2: on Matter and Energy

Suoniemi Minna

Practical Ecology 2: on Matter and Energy is a film about a man born during the World War II. The film focuses on his thoughts and mission to live an ecologically sustainable life, and how that affects his relationship to objects, waste, nature and the inevitable fact that one man alone cannot change the course of the future. The neoliberal society sees citizenship as freedom of individuals, freedom to work, invest, consume, recycle, to lead a hedonistic lifestyle. What if this doesn’t seem like a desirable choice? How would it be possible to create an alternative relationship to man-made objects? Practical Ecology 2: on Matter and Energy examines how embodied knowledge could open a critical position to the consumer culture for current and future generations.

Production Year
Original Title
Practical Ecology 2: on Matter and Energy
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Minna Suoniemi (Author), Minna Suoniemi (Cinematographer), Minna Suoniemi (Director), Minna Suoniemi (Editor), Minna Suoniemi (Script), Teuvo Suoniemi (Actor), Juha Laine (Color Grading), Taiteen edistämiskeskus (Funder), Alpo Nummelin (Sound Design)
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Minna Suoniemi (b. 1972) is a Helsinki-based artist working with moving image and video installation. She's interested in how disruption and failure can make normative structures and models visible and has worked on loaded subjects such as gender roles, motherhood and power relations. She has exhibited internationally in Europe, United States, South America and Asia including Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki, Preus Museum of Photography in Norway, 2nd International Festival for Photography and Video in Seoul and Moscow Biennial for young art, and her work is in Collections of major Finnish Art Museums. Suoniemi is a member of The Finnish State audiovisual Art Committee and works as a lecturer in Aalto University, Department of Art.