Pietari, Queen of Finland (f*cking witch)

Rosa Liksom

Pietari the Grand (f*cking witch) is tired with their work as a hostess in a gay club and wants to be more ordinary. They find a new job as a cashier in a grocery store. Being ordinary turns out impossible, as they fall in love with a customer already during their first day at new work. They use all their witchcraft to charm their crush. How will it end?

Production Year
Original Title
Pietari, Suomen kuningatar (Vitun noita)
Finnish Title

Pietari, Suomen kuningatar (Vitun noita)

English Title

Pietari, Queen of Finland (f*cking witch)

Production Countries
Kai Nordfors (Animaattori), Rosa Liksom (Author), Rosa Liksom (Cinematographer), Rosa Liksom (Director), Kai Nordfors (Editor), Kryon Division (Music), Pietari Kaakkomäki (Music), Cowmama Oy (Producer), Rosa Liksom (Script), Pietari Kaakkomäki (Script), Jopo Simeon K (Actor), Sonata Hauta-aho (Actor), Kasperi Kurikka (Actor), Pietari Kaakkomäki (Actor), Selina Ukkonen (Dance), Kirsi Nisonen (Dance), Sofia Parada (Dance), Saga Kajan (Dance), Kai Nordfors (Graphic Designer), Pietari Kaakkomäki (Graphic Designer)
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Rosa Liksom currently lives and works in Helsinki. For decades the paintings, writings, plays and video works of Liksom have fascinated audiences in Finland and abroad. Liksom grew up in a small town community in the Finnish Lapland. In 1977 she moved to Helsinki. Liksom has studied anthropology and political science in Helsinki, Copenhagen and Moscow. Between 1982–86 she lived in the Kristiania Freetown in Copenhagen before expeditions to Siberia and Mongolia. Few years later she travelled to communist China and Austin, Texas. Later, she has stayed in Helsinki. In addition to literary works, Liksom has made paintings and short films since 1985. She has also made comics, coloring books children’s books.