Observe These Words

Grönlund Liinu, Nuutilainen Okku

Small endangered amphibians live their life in enclosures created by researchers. The wild and the artificial, the past and the future are simultaneously present. Should we fight against the prophecy of destruction, or should we just surrender to the apocalyptic story? What kind of realities and futures do we construct inside our minds and in the outside world?

Production Year
Original Title
Observe These Words
Finnish Title

Observe These Words

English Title

Observe These Words

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Liinu Grönlund (Author), Okku Nuutilainen (Author), Anna Antsalo (Cinematographer), Mikko Levoska (Composer), Liinu Grönlund (Director), Okku Nuutilainen (Director), Okku Nuutilainen (Editor), Liinu Grönlund (Editor), Liinu Grönlund (Producer), Okku Nuutilainen (Producer), Okku Nuutilainen (Script), Liinu Grönlund (Script), Koneen säätiö (Funder), Liinu Grönlund (Sound Design), Okku Nuutilainen (Sound Design), Okku Nuutilainen (Voice actor)
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Okku Nuutilainen

Born: 1981

Okku Nuutilainen (b.1981) is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Helsinki. She is interested in constructing realities by layering moments in time and place, thus creating new realities. Her work is based on studying the conventions of cinematic language.
Liinu Grönlund (b. 1984) is a visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. She works with video and film, and is interested in archiving disappearing worlds. Her work deals with remoteness and extremes with a special focus on natural sciences and environmentalism. Grönlund has graduated from Aalto University of Art and Design (2008) and the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (2012). Her works have been seen in exhibitions and festivals in e.g. Helsinki, London, Malaga, Moscow and New York.