Irjan kertomus (installation)

Kuukka Raakel

The artist is combining her aunt Irja’s stories from the evacuation during the WW II to video footage she made in 2004 during a visit to her family’s former home village in the now-Russian Carelia. The footage contains also landscape on her way to Jääkse, present Lesogorsk in Russia. The artist filmed her sisters and cousins standing where their old home was located in Salo-Lottola of Jääkse. The soundtrack consists of the stories told by her aunt, nature sounds, and music. 

Production Year
Original Title
Irjan kertomus (installaatio)
Finnish Title
Irjan kertomus (Installaatio)
English Title
Irjan kertomus (installation)
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Raakel Kuukka (Author)
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Raakel Kuukka lives and works in Helsinki. She graduated as a Master of Photography in the University of Art and Design in Helsinki in 1988. In addition to her artistic activities, she has worked as a teacher, curator and in positions of trust. Kuukka’s works focus on family history and close community as well as questions of intercultural encounters in the globalised world. The works of Kuukka have been exhibited widely in solo and group shows and biennials in Finland and abroad. She received the State Prize for Photography in 2013.