Clara S. Was Here

Nina Lassila

The video footage shows us different acts of a woman becoming a cat-like person, exotic, wild and free. A character called Clara Sturm buys a leopard statue and wants to write a story or even a manuscript about it. A voice-over describes her thoughts and feelings during the process.

Production Year
Original Title
Clara S. Was Here
Finnish Title

Clara S. kävi täällä

English Title

Clara S. Was Here

Production Countries
Nina Lassila (Author), Robert Quint (Cinematographer), Nina Lassila (Cinematographer), Nina Lassila (Composer), Nina Lassila (Director), Nina Lassila (Editor), Amazulu Cultural Ensemble (Music)
Nina Lassila is a visual artist born 1974 in Helsinki, Finland currently living and working in Belgium. Nina Lassila works mainly with video and performance. In many of her works she deals with questions of identity – specifically identity affected by social barriers, conventions based on gender and upbringing and cultural differences. In addition, she is interested in exploring issues such as supernatural phenomena, art and economic structures. She has participated in several international group shows and video festivals. Education: Swedish Polytechnics FIN 1994-1997, School of Photography & film Gothenburg SE 2000-2002, Valand School of Fine Arts Gothenburg SE (MFA) 2004-2006, Guest student at ENSAD Paris 2009.