Beach Crawl

Brotherus Elina

After Walter de Maria, Beach Crawl, July 1960. Go to sea shore (Beach). Take three stones, large or small. Place yourself on your hands and knees. Put one stone down. Crawl forward a few feet, and place second stone down. Crawl forward a few feet more, place third stone down. Then crawl back to the first stone, pick it up. Then turn around and crawl back past second and third stones, and place first stone a few feet front of the third stone. Then turn around and crawl back to the second stone, (which has now become the last stone) pick it up, turn around go back up the line of stones, and place that stone a bit in front of the lead stone. In this manner you can travel down the beach... a) until you get tired b) until you have gone through the cycle 100 times c) until you run into the Ocean. At that time you gather the three stones and place them into a little triangle pattern.  Then shout as loud as you can “Well that’s new isn’t it?” Then throw the three stones into the Ocean. 

Production Year
Original Title
Beach Crawl
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English Title

Beach Crawl

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Elina Brotherus (Author), Elina Brotherus (Cinematographer), Antti Ikonen (Composer), Elina Brotherus (Director), Elina Brotherus (Editor), Lauri Astala (Editor), Antti Ikonen (Sound Design), Elina Brotherus (Actor), Vera Nevanlinna (Actor), Emilia Usvalaakso (Other ), Lauri Astala (Post-prod Supervisor)
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Elina Brotherus lives and works in Finland and France. She holds an MFA degree in Photography from the University of Art and Design Helsinki. The photographs and videos of Brotherus deal with subjective experiences, the presence and absence of love as well as more formal issues. Her current work is centered on the relation of the human figure and landscape, and on the gaze of an artist on his/her model. Her works have been shown widely in Finland and abroad, including Saatchi Gallery in London (2012), Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark (2012), Gallery Heino (2012), Bozar Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels (2012), and many others.

43 works