Aune, or On Effective Demise

Maija Timonen

Aune is confined to her bed, living under the threat of amputation. She dreams of a park both sensing the future and its absence. Her body acquires significance as a cipher of a larger process of dismemberment. A love story turns into a film about sex, death and the economy.

Production Year
Original Title
Aune, or On Effective Demise
Finnish Title


English Title

Aune, or On Effective Demise

Production Countries
Germany,United Kingdom
Maija Timonen (Author), Jide Tom Akinleminu (Cinematographer), Matthew Noel-Tod (Cinematographer), Benedict Seymor (Composer), Traum (Composer), Maija Timonen (Director), Maija Timonen (Editor), Maija Timonen (Script), Samo Tomšič (Actor), Hanna Harlyn (Actor), Anne Tetzlaff (Actor), Rachel Baker (Actor), Patrick Staff (Actor), Scott Lenney (Actor), Dan Mitchell (Actor), Inka Meißner (Actor), Inka Achté (Actor), Patrick Kindersley (Actor), Melissa Castagnetto (Actor), Hasan Dixon (Actor), Jeffrey Mayhew (Actor), Olivia Plender (Actor), The Elephant Trust (Funder), Arts Council of England (Funder), Alfred Kordelin Foundation (Funder), AVEK - The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (Funder), Chris Box (Sound), Christian Obermeier (Sound), Sven Jensen-Brakelman (Sound), Tom Sedgwick (Sound)
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Maija Timonen is a writer and filmmaker based in London, producing analytic fiction. Her films have been screened in various international contexts and her writing has appeared in Chicago Review, Social Text Online, Afterall, Texte zur Kunst, May and Mute. Her debut book of fiction The Measure of Reality was published in 2015 by Book Works, London. She has worked as an acting professor of both artistic research and moving image at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland.