Generatio spontanea

Rossi Vappu

The poetic media art animation shows a shadow of a small tree sapling, magically growing and evolving as the light travels during the day, from dawn to dusk. The background theme of the work is the arc of life: a day begins, a day ends, and something small but miraculous might happen in between. 

Production Year
Original Title
Alkusynty (Installation)
Finnish Title


English Title

Generatio spontanea

Production Countries
Vappu Rossi (Author), Vappu Rossi (Cinematographer), Salvatore Sangiovanni (Composer), Susan DiBona (Composer), Vappu Rossi (Director), Vappu Rossi (Editor), Vappu Rossi (Producer), Vappu Rossi (Script), Susan DiBona (Sound Design), Salvatore Sangiovanni (Sound Design), Suomen Kulttuurirahasto (Funder), Vappu Rossi (Funder), AVEK (Funder)
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Vappu Rossi is a visual artist working in Helsinki, Finland. She has a bachelor's degree from the University of Art and Design Helsinki and a master's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts. Her work focuses on portraying humanity both in the emotional and temporal scale. The questions of presence and embodiment form another main theme. Rossi’s style is pensive and minimalistic both in humour and colour. Contemplating on change and passing of time as well as visualising slow processes or magical metamorphoses are recurring elements in her works. Her videos and installations are either silent or have an extremely stripped down soundscape. Rossi’s work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and festivals around the world since the late 1990s and her works can be found in many domestic and international collections.