Sari Nordman’s new installation Tower at New Dance Alliance Performance Mix Festival, New York

Sari Nordman is exhibiting her Tower installation as part of the New Dance Alliance Performance Mix Festival at Movement Research on June 10-13 2021 in New York. The project is also included in the programme of Jamaica Flux, organised by Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning in New York until August 7 2021.

Incorporating sculpture, video projection, archiving, and community participation, Nordman’s multimedia installation project Tower reflects on climate change and the biblical story of the tower of Babel, a story of greed and the value of cultural differences.

Sari Nordman is a NYC-based interdisciplinary artist working with dance, video, installation and poetry. She loves to travel to the isolated parts of the world to reflect on nature, history and female experience, the recurring themes in her works. She contemplates nature in specific locations and combined with her personal sense research juxtaposes feminine mystique with environmental anxieties. Her works have been shown e.g. in The Immigrant Artists Biennial, Jamaica Flux and Performance Mix Festival exhibitions in NYC in 2020-21.

New Dance Alliance Performance Mix Festival, June 10-13 2021, New York, U.S.

Jamaica Flux, June 10 – August 7 2021, New York, U.S.