Panu Johansson’s Picturing a Micropolis 96100-97690 competing at That One Film Festival

Panu Johansson’s Picturing a Micropolis 96100-97690 (2018) is competing in the Competitive Program #1 at That One Film Festival, Indiana, USA. That One Film Festival is held as a livestream from September 11–12. The works of Competitive Program #1 will be screened on September 11 at 7:00 PM (US EST). In October, it will be screened at Split Videoart Festival.

Picturing a Micropolis 96100-97690 is a city symphony depicting Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland. It is also an entity in which all the details captured on film – images, memories, seasons and neighbourhoods – are swarmed to the viewers retina as an intense kinetic stream.

Panu Johansson is a contemporary artist and an experimental filmmaker from Finland. He mostly works with moving image and sound. Some important influences and reoccurring themes in his work are the history of avant-garde/experimental film, but also cultural history in general.

That One Film Festival, September 11–12 2020, Indiana, USA

More information: That One Film Festival