Samira Elagoz & Z Walsh’s You Can’t Get What You Want But You Can Get Me wins National Award at Leiden Shorts

Samira Elagoz & Z Walsh’s You can’t get what you want but you can get me received the Best National Short Film Award at Leiden Shorts, which was held 6–9 June, 2024 in Leiden, Netherlands.

You Can’t Get What You Want But You Can Get Me, a self-authored, modern slideshow depicts the true love story of two transmasculine artists. From first date to first kiss, top surgery to tattoos, meeting the family to making their transcontinental relationship work, this social media feed of selfies, text messages and musical montages documents their spontaneous, intimate and tender union with joy.

Samira Elagoz is a Finnish/Egyptian artist and filmmaker currently based in Berlin. He has toured in various international film, visual art, and performance contexts, and won several awards for his works, the latest being the Silver Lion at Venice Biennale Teatro in 2022. Elagoz has dedicated his career to the discourse on gender, sexual violence and its aftermath, the male gaze, digital romanticism, and intimate encounters. Educated in performative arts, he incorporates aspects of this medium with video and film, creating his own unique brand of “docu-fiction”. The most indicative parts of his filming are that he does not use performers and all subjects in his works are men. Elagoz always puts himself inside his films as a vérité-esque observer who is also being observed. He has been a comrade, a lover, a confidant, and a sidekick.

Z Walsh is a Brooklyn-based transgender artist focusing on photography with expertise in portraiture. Z is renowned amongst New York, and Los Angeles’ creative communities for his raw, full-hearted depictions of his subjects and himself. Between producing, creative directing, shooting and modeling, Z is a voice of his generation but his passion lies in elevating trans voices and opposing trans masc erasure.