Experimental shorts from Finland in the competition of Oberhausen Short FF

Oberhausen Short Film Festival has unveiled its International Competition selections. Held from May 11–16, the festival is one of the oldest short film festivals in the world.

Experimental short films by AV-arkki’s member artists were selected in the International Competition.

Mika Taanila‘s Branches (2017) is an anaglyph 3D short film and a woody observation case in Helsinki through early 1950s newsreel footage. Four locations in shots, accompanied by four tape loops and four locked-groove vinyls.

Ewa Gorzna’s and Katarzyna Miron’s Encounter  is a short film reflecting on the human desire to approach, understand and experience an animal in the wilderness. It depicts an unusual situation where the animal is the observer and the human is being observed.

AV-arkki will also have a distributor’s screening in Oberhausen, the programme will be announced later in April. AV-arkki’s director Hanna Maria Anttila will present the screening. Anttila’s own short documentary film was also selected in the international competition. Hanna Maria Anttila’s Last Birds (2016) is an homage to the industrial glassblowing tradition and the skills of a glassblower. The piece was shot at Nuutajärvi village, where the oldest glass factory in Finland was in operation until 2014.

Oberhausen Short Film Festival, 11.–16.5.2017

More information: Oberhausen Short FF