New animations in AV-arkki’s archive / Fall ’22

The Pink Twins: The Transient (2023)

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Timo Bredenberg: Legacy (2022, 04:00)

Timo Bredenberg: Legacy (2022)

This photogrammetry-based animation documents the demolition of a former state office building. In addition to the architectural legacy, the title of the work refers to a term used in programming, used for outdated code.

Petteri Cederberg: Equilibrium (2022, 05:09)

Petteri: Cederberg: Equilibrium (2022)

Equilibrium is achieved when opposing forces or influences are balanced. Regardless of inner or outer chaos and imbalance, the totality will end up in a balanced state. This comforting idea is the motive of this animation.

Maippi Ketola: Swan Song (2016, 03:23)

Maippi Ketola: Swan Song (2016)

Swan Song portrays a dancer built from plastic trash, a lonely swan, dancing Le Cygne (Swan) part of Camille Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of Animals, choreographed by Michel Fokine for Anna Pavlova in 1905, on the calm water surface littered with plastic trash.

Maippi Ketola: White House (2019, 01:06)

Maippi Ketola: White House (2019)

In this video we are standing right in front of the End, led by the greedy, ridiculous and cruel. Soon it will all stop. Everything we build turns into the dust under the burning Sun or will be wiped into the sea and there will be no one to remember.

Maippi Ketola: Colombia (2014, 05:37)

Maippi Ketola: Colombia (2014)

Small stories on insects, monsters, fruits, ghosts, saints, leaders and the led together loosely form a greater story attached to the history of Colombia. This animation is made in Campos de Gutiérres, Medellín, in summer of 2014. 

Pink Twins: The Transient (2023, 10:10)

Pink Twins: The Transient (2023)

What is The Transient? It is that fleeting moment when you question what you are seeing, when uncanny valley takes over and when harmonious wildlife is revealed as a monstrous result of cloning and obsessive manipulation of nature. Or the moment when you ignore the lure of the real and give in to the overwhelming beauty of growth, the blooming of spring and the glow of midsummer night. Real, based on a true story, artificial, imaginary, a natural paradise, an apocalyptic corruption of nature. The Transient is all of these things and more.

Teemu Raudaskoski: Visual Meditation (2021, 07:52)

Teemu Raudaskoski: Visual Meditation (2021)

Visual meditation is an abstract animation. Its organic visual world prompts us to stop and remind us of the diversity of nature around us and its uniqueness.

Iiris Saaren-Seppälä: Once Wanted (2022, 03:12)

Iiris Saaren-Seppälä: Once Wanted (2022)

Once Wanted portrays pieces of trash – the most underestimated creatures in the world – behaving like human beings. The trash struggle between their self-image, as well as their sense of reality, like people do. The film plays with guilt and shame related to both overconsumption and human needs. 

Antti Tanttu: Noli Timere (2022, 06:29)

Antti Tanttu: Noli Timere (2022)

Noli Timere is a work about the experience and emotion of fear or anxiety. What is common or private in those feelings and what do they have in common? The work contemplates on the collective fear and its elements.  

Marja Viitahuhta: Dolos Niegut (2022, 03:10)

Marja Viitahuhta: Dolos Niegut (2022)

The memories and documented imagery of reindeer herding and nomadic ways of life mix with the contemporary herding of reindeers in Dolos Niegut – Ancient dreams, an experimental music video to a track by Ánnámáret, Ilkka Heinonen and Turkka Inkilä from the album Nieguid duovdagat. How we perceive our everyday life affects our views as well as our imagination, our hopes and dreams. The lives connected to other beings, in this case the reindeer and how the Sámi people have lived in relation to it as well as our dependency with our environment, is present in this work. In this yoik, Ánnámáret also reaches to imagine how our predecessors perceived this world and what may remain of them in the currents of the time that we live in and in the ways we function in it. The video is part of a continuum of video works made in collaboration with Viitahuhta, Ánnámáret, Heinonen and Inkilä.

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