Mox Mäkelä’s films screened at Innuendo Film Festival and Girona Film Festival

Mox Mäkelä’s films will be screened in Italy and Spain. Feature-length audio-play movie Andjust (2020, in featured image) will be screened at Innuendo Film Festival, held from October 27-30 2021 in Milan, Italy. Short film aback (2021) is included in the selection of Girona Film Festival, held from November 9-13 2021 in Catalonia, Spain.

The sacred satire of the “stand art” host and great stuff before they become dust. The viewer gets to tour the house of the old man, Andjust. The film reflects the twins of world literature, Gogol’s Plushkin (The Dead Souls), as well as Dickens ’Scrooge (The Christmas Carol). The film Andjust is a rare, lush and cheeky fruit in the chaos of our pure era. Its nectar can cause a glutton, accustomed to the heights of cool touring, to hit its nose in a puddle of reflections in the power of a strange burst. 

Aback is a music video for the Rinneradio’s music.

Mox Mäkelä (b. 1958) is a conceptual artist active since 1978. Mäkelä’s art has been shown widely in different venues and contexts, e.g. in the Maritime museum of Finland and at international film and art festivals. In her ecocritical films and installations, Mäkelä examines the clash between nature and human nature within the marine milieu. Another part of her oeuvre is “idiot ibidem”, a long-term extended project that studies a literary historical chain of events with full methodological freedom and diversity.

Innuendo Film Festival, October 27-30 2021, Milan, Italy

Girona Film Festival, November 9-13 2021, Catalonia, Spain.