Juha van Ingen’s Hello Everybody at the Paris Festival for Different and Experimental cinema

Juha van Ingen’s Hello Everybody (2017) will be screened at the Paris Festival for Different and Experimental cinema, held for the 20th time from October 3–14. The festival is organised by Collectif Jeune Cinéma. The screening of van Ingen’s experimental short film takes place in the film theatre Le Grand Action on Thursday, October 11, at 18:00.

Greetings from near to far, from us to you. All inclusive, welcoming all. Over distances, over time. You are all welcome. While greeting customs are highly culture and situation-specific, they exist in all known human cultures. The greetings that form the narrative in Hello Everybody are taking the familiar ritual one step further.

Juha van Ingen (b. 1963) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. He works with different mediums, though he has mainly been working with video. The starting point for van Ingen’s works is often a situation, space or a concept, which he happens to encounter. Random elements that evolve during the working processes play an equally important role in his works. Van Ingen has participated in international exhibitions, screenings and video festivals since 1988.

Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris, October 3–14 2018

More information: Collectif Jeune Cinema