Jan Ijäs’s and Jussi Eerola’s films at Tirana International Film Festival and other venues

Jan Ijäs’s and Jussi Eerola’s films keep circulating. Both Ijäs’s Waste vol. 1 (2020, in the featured image) and Eerola’s Blue Honda Civic (2020) are screened at Tirana International Film Festival, running until September 30 2021. Eerola’s Blue Honda Civic was selected for Video Art & Experimental Competition, while Waste vol. 1 is screened in the Documentary Shorts Competition. Waste vol. 1 was also screened in the Green Dox selection of DokuFest, held in Prizren, Kosova, from August 6–14 2021.

Earlier this Fall, Jan Ijäs’s other short documentary film, Belgrade Forest Incident… And What Happened to Mr. K? (2020) was screened at Cinemancia International Film Festival in Colombia, held from September 1–7 2021, and awarded with the honorary mention in the Documentary Competition at Signes de Nuit Bangkok, held from September 15–19 2021. The work tells the true story of the assassination of journalist, dissident, Jamal Khashogg. Events are told on the timeline of the news reportage, not on the timeline of the actual assassination. It is certain that Khashoggi was the victim of a political assassination, but what happened and where the body ended up is unknown.

In early October, Ijäs’s Absolute Street will be screened in the documentary competition at the International Film Festival Autumn in Voronet, held in Romania.

Jan Ijäs: Belgrade Forest Incident… And What Happened to Mr. K? (2020)

Jussi Eerola’s Blue Honda Civic is also on view at Signals and Circuits, an online screening programme hosted by aemi until October 10 2021. Eerola’s film will also be screened at Athens International Film + Video Festival, held from October 15–24 2021. The romantic landscape paintings often portrayed weather condition, topography of national landscape, religious themes, spirituality of nature and hunting scenes. Blue Honda Civic is a minimalistic road movie mirroring the emotions of the driver through the landscapes (s)he has chosen to look at.

Jussi Eerola: Blue Honda Civic (2020)