AV-arkki’s Distribution Catalogue 2022–2023 is published now!

Featured image: Elian Mikkola: Man Made (2022)

Our catalogue offers a diverse portrait of recent single channel art works by artists and filmmakers based in Finland.

AV-arkki’s Distribution Catalogue 2022-2023 is intended for professional preview. The catalogue is distributed via AV-arkki’s international distribution programme for professional audiences in numerous events, film festivals and art fairs worldwide. Single channel works have been selected for the Distribution Catalogue 2022-2023 by guest curator Vivien Buchhorn (Germany), together with AV-arkki’s personnel.

The selection consists of the following titles:

Pasi Autio: Feel the Heat (2022, 09:06)

Pasi Autio: Feel the Heat (2022)

Feel the Heat depicts a one-man disco in a forest at night, and the atmosphere is magnificent – the lights are flashing, birds are singing, dancing continues and time disappears. The night cannot go on forever and, in the morning, the surrounding reality is revealed.

Saara Ekström: Amnion (2023, 06:30)

Saara Ekström: Amnion (2023)

Landfills on the fringes of cities reveal all about our culture, habits, fears and desires. Here treasures turn into trash and discarded welfare dances in the wind. The 8mm film creates a dark vision where organic merges with the synthetic, polymer molecules imitate the DNA double helix, and new life begins to stir under membranes of plastic wrapping.

Hannaleena Heiska: Metamorphosis (2022, 07:19)

Hannaleena Heiska: Metamorphosis (2022)

What happens when the audience and staff have left and the art begins to live its own life? The work suggests indulging in a viewing experience and surrendering to the introduction of non-verbal narration. Metamorphosis is an experimental short film shot on 16mm black and white film that combines painting and contemporary ballet. The film is the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between visual artist Hannaleena Heiska and dancer-choreographer Minna Tervamäki. It was shot in the empty exhibition hall of the Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA.

Jan Ijäs: House of the Wickedest Man in the World (2023, 24:53)

Jan Ijäs: House of the Wickedest Man in the World (2023)

House of the Wickedest Man in the World is the story of a ruined building near the city of Cefalú in Sicily. In the early 1920s, Aleister Crowley, the most famous occultist of his time, lived in the building, practicing magical rituals, and using hard drugs to heighten their intensity. Crowley also painted frescoes on the rituals of the Abbey of Thelema in his temple in the style of Paul Gauguin, whom he admired. Benito Mussolini expelled Crowley from the country in 1923. The frescoes were whitewashed, and the house was sealed. In the summer of 1955, experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger found the building, got permission to open the seals, cleaned a large part of the house’s walls from the whitewash and was planning to shoot a film about Crowley’s frescoes and time in Cefalú. The Thelema Abbey film was never released. Nowadays, the building is deserted and is located next to the city’s football stadium. The building has been allowed to disrepair because it is still believed that “evil forces” stayed in it.

Jonna Kina: Four Sculptures in Fifteen Pieces (2022, 05:39)

Jonna Kina: Four Sculptures in Fifteen Pieces (2022)

Four Sculptures in Fifteen Pieces reflects on issues relating to creation and destruction. The sculptures seen in the film are excavated fragments from the ruins of an Art Museum of Estonia destroyed during the bombing of Tallinn in the spring of 1944. The fifteen pieces are originally from four different classical marble sculptures sculpted by Amandus Adamson (1855-1929) and August Weizenberg (1837-1921). The work provides a montage of destruction and creation as it makes a connection to the role of museums preserving more than just the objects and artifacts. The institutional element of the museum is embodied in the actor of an actual professional art conservator operating the sculptures in the staged space of a film.

Elian Mikkola: Man Made (2022, 08:08)

Elian Mikkola: MAN MADE (2022)

Man Made, a repurposed narrative of a boy who gets introduced to the wonders of life by a beautiful shining trumpet. But the struggle to be oneself has only begun. Utilizing found 16mm footage and both digital and analog manipulation techniques, the filmmaker pierces conventional masculinity with a transformative queer gaze.

Elena Näsänen: Travel Exercises (2022, 13:10)

Elena Näsänen: Travel Exercises (2022)

Travel Exercises is a short film about dreams, the desire to travel and our ability to alter the reality through imagination.

Pink Twins: The Transient (2023, 10:10)

Pink Twins: The Transient (2023)

What is The Transient? It is that fleeting moment when you question what you are seeing, when uncanny valley takes over and when harmonious wildlife is revealed as a monstrous result of cloning and obsessive manipulation of nature. Or the moment when you ignore the lure of the real and give in to the overwhelming beauty of growth, the blooming of spring and the glow of midsummer night. Real, based on a true story, artificial, imaginary, a natural paradise, an apocalyptic corruption of nature. The Transient is all of these things and more.

Nastja Säde Rönkkö: Those Who Kept the Light (Seaweed) (2022, 08:32)

Nastja Säde Rönkkö: Those Who Kept the Light (Seaweed) (2022)

Those Who Kept the Light (Seaweed) explores our dependent relationship with the sea, in a context of queer and feminist maritime narratives. The narrative is told through the context of human and other-than-human love stories; the wind or the ocean are seen as entities with consciousness, emotions and a voice. Those Who Kept the Light (Seaweed) investigates the importance of vulnerability, desire and memory through myths and open-ended narratives. Within the wider framework of climate emergency and the role of the fragile ecosystems of the ocean, the project explores the collective mindset of imagination and longing. Unfolding epic and barren Nordic landscapes, the narrator leads the viewer into spaces and places of solace, empowerment and emotion.

Niina Suominen: Golden Headacher (2022, 17:00)

Niina Suominen: Golden Headacher (2022)

Golden Headacher is an experimental animation documentary about women’s hate and aggression and the culturally sanctioned ways to express or suppress these uneasy feelings. The dialogue is constructed from experiences of women dealing with feelings of aggression towards children and spouses and between women. At the same time, the dialogue comments on cultural norms related to the expression of aggression by women. The film was created by animating textile and décor waste and beautiful glossy pictures of children that were popular in Scandinavia in the last century. The material was improvised using the qualities of different fabrics and objects as the basis for the images. The work brings to the fore the irritation and exhaustion felt by women and the thoughts often left unsaid outside the walls of home. Also the remorse and the shame felt after the bursts of anger are reflected on.

Mika Taanila: Failed Emptiness. Place (2023, 12:19)

Mika Taanila: Failed Emptiness. Place (2023)

The days are long. Their core is hot. Thermographic camera looks at a new residential area in eastern Helsinki. 

Leda Vaneva: Minims (2023, 02:39)

Leda Vaneva: Minims (2023)

Minims is a multiplicity of small things. A poem about the building blocks of our environment, and our sensations. Just as reality is revealed to us in layers, the video is a collage of different videos of small events, constructing a larger structure.

AV-arkki has promoted and distributed Finnish media art since 1989. AV-arkki’s promotional efforts have made the artists’ participation in this event possible.