Axel Straschnoy’s solo show Brave the Heavenly Breezes on view in Buenos Aires

Axel Straschnoy’s solo show Brave the Heavenly Breezes is exhibited in Del Infinito, Buenos Aires, Argentina from 2 November – 22 December 2023.

“The exhibition showcases Straschnoy’s plans to build and launch an interstellar flanêur based on a technology first dreamt up by Johannes Kepler over 400 years ago, but in use by NASA and other space agencies today. Straschnoy conceived a probe sent to undertake a dérive through outer space to deconstruct humans’ relationship to it.

The exhibition continues Straschnoy’s research on the cultural aspects of space present in works such as The Finnish Astronautical Society, which dealt with the past and present of the Finnish Space Program (2019) or The Devils of Paasselkä (2021, in featured image), on a mysterious lake created by a meteorite impact at an uncertain date in the past.”

Axel Straschnoy (b. 1978, Buenos Aires). is a visual artist whose long-term, research-focused projects include Kilpisjärvellä, a planetarium film on exploration in northern Lapland under the Northern Lights, La Figure de la Terre, a short film based on a book by 18th century French mathematician Pierre Maupertuis, and the lecture-performance series, Notes on the Double Agent.

Axel Straschnoy: Brave the Heavenly Breezes, 2 November – 22 December 2023, Del Infinito, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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