Leena Lehti’s Taiga screened at Arctic Shorts Film Evening hosted by BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels

Leena Lehti’s Taiga was screened in the Arctic Shorts film evening in BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, on Tuesday, November 8 2022. The annual Arctic Shorts Film Evening is an official side event of the Arctic Futures Symposium which showcases short films made by Arctic filmmakers.

Elegy to the boreal forest. With the warming climate, the borders of different life zones move towards the North, and the conifer as we know it is changing and disappearing. Taiga is made on 16mm film without camera. It combines hand scratched animation with real tiny plants and moss collected in subarctic region in Finland.

Leena Lehti (1979) is a filmmaker who works in Tampere, Finland. She has graduated as a Bachelor of Media (Tampere School of Art and Media 2005) and Master of Arts (Aalto university 2013). She often shoots her videos on Super 8mm film for its special visuality and materiality. Her favourite themes are winter, proceeding, and the merging of the inner and outer worlds. Lehti´s films are shown in several screenings, art exhibitions and film festivals.

Arctic Shorts Film Evening, November 8 2022, BOZAR, Brussels

More information: Arctic Futures

AV-arkki has promoted and distributed Finnish media art since 1989. AV-arkki’s promotional efforts have made the artists’ participation in this event possible.