Finnish media art on display at Miettinen Collection in Berlin

Miettinen Collection‘s new exhibition “And I Trust You” includes works from many Finnish media artists, such as Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Elina Brotherus, Noora Geagea, Terike Haapoja, Aurora Reinhard and Minna Havukainen. The exhibition is curated by Anna Miettinen and Linda Peitz and it combines works from the collections of Timo Miettinen and Florian Peters-Messer. Miettinen Collection is located in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition is open from September 10 until January 14 2023.

One of the pieces on display at the exhibition is Competition (2021, in featured image) by Noora Geagea. Competition is a video re-edited and sampled from old VHS tapes from the 90s, of the artist as a young highly competitive rhythmic gymnast. The work highlights the beauty in the movements, but also the destructive regime to reach this level of perfection. In this work, the artist recalls the army-like methods of the sport.

The exhibition “And I Trust You” takes the thought about vulnerability as a starting point and deals with the topic of trust from a queer-feminist perspective. The role of caring and trust plays a crucial role especially for those that are living their lives outside the so-called social norms and roles. The show brings together more than 30 international artists that look at possibilities to widen the concept of normality in relationships and societies and to find ways of deepening the understanding of ourselves and others.

And I Trust You, Miettinen Collection, September 10 2022 – January 14 2023, Berlin, Germany.

More information: Miettinen Collection.