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Still Lives
Still Lives
Still Lives
Still Lives
Still Lives

The concept of busy stillness is explored from various standpoints as museum artefacts from all around the world reflect on the mundane challenges of modern life.

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English title / Still Lives
Teoksen nimi suomeksi / Kiirehessä liikkumatoin
Original title / Still Lives
Keywords / animation, art, museums, culture, folk stories, motion
Type / Single channel
Genre / experimental
Country / Finland
Picture ratio / 2,35:1
Duration / 00:06:02
Language / Finnish, English, French, Arabic, German, Japanese
Sound format / Dolby Surround 5.1
Year / 2019
Cast / Elli Vuorinen (Cinematographer), Jani Lehto (Composer), Elli Vuorinen (Director), Elli Vuorinen (Editor), YLE / - (Funder), Finnish Film Foundation / - (Funder), Arts Promotion Centre Finland / - (Funder), AVEK - The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture / - (Funder), Elli Vuorinen (Script), Elli Vuorinen (Author), Jani Lehto (Sound Design), Pyjama Films / Terhi Väänänen (Production Company), Coralie Nguyen Phuc (Voice actor), Yukako Sakai (Voice actor), Xavier Richerd (Voice actor), Wilson Nuckols (Voice actor), Sirkka Lukka (Voice actor), David Aubin (Voice actor), Dante Mutashar (Voice actor)
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