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‘Entropy’ is a visualisation of life’s presence slowly leaving the body. A thermo-cam image of the body of a dead horse shows its silhouette slowly fade from the screen as its body loses heat until it vanishes entirely. The corpse’s warmest areas are indicated by the red colour and the coldest areas with blue and black. The original documentation, lasting for several hours, is edited down to a 25-minute loop, the installation is presented as a life-sized projection.

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English title / Entropy
Teoksen nimi suomeksi / Entropia
Original title / Entropia
Keywords / animals, death, decay
Type / Installation
Genre / Installation, still life
Country / Finland
Picture ratio / 4:3
Duration / 00:25:15
Language / Silent
Sound format / Silent
Year / 2004
Cast / Terike Haapoja (Author)
Website / http:// 
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