Window In-between

Saku Soukka

The work is a photo essay to be shown in video format. It visualises the relation between human and urban environment – and the human relation to the self – through a dialogue between inside and outside spaces. Existential contemplation on the identity is present as well. The work is divided in four parts based on four seasons.

Production Year
Original Title
Window In-between
Finnish Title

Ikkuna välissä

English Title

Window In-between

Production Countries
Saku Soukka (Author), Saku Soukka (Cinematographer), Jani Purhonen (Composer), Saku Soukka (Composer), Saku Kämäräinen (Composer), Saku Soukka (Director), Saku Soukka (Editor), Saku Soukka (Producer), Saku Soukka (Script), Saku Soukka (Sound Design), Jani Purhonen (Sound Design), Saku Kämäräinen (Sound Design), Susanna Majuri (Actor), Axel Oey (Actor), TAIKE (Funder)
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Saku Soukka's primary tool in art-making is photography, which he often combines in different ways with text, sound, video and installation. In his works, through many kinds of sub-themes, identity emerges as the main theme. His creations reflect concepts of the self and otherness as well as hybridity. Encounters and dialogues between the internal and external, stagnation and movement as well as organic and industrial are present. The atmosphere in the artworks is often autobiographical and they have been presented for example in Soul in "EMAP 2016" (9th Ewha international Media Art Presentation) -exhibition and in "Tent Academy Awards 2014" -exhibition in Rotterdam. Soukka has been working as an assistant of photography artist Esko Männikkö, studied journalistic photography in West Lapland Vocational Institute and completed Master of Fine Arts degree in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Now he is living and working in Helsinki.