White Sugar

Anikó Kuikka

White Sugar is a film about xenophobia, misogynia and national identity. It is also a love story. The piece is inspired by Finnish folklore and paintings from the Golden Era of Finnish art. It comments on patriarchy, the exclusivity of cultural heritage and the ongoing debate on immigration and racism. A two-channel installation version also available. 

Production Year
Original Title
White Sugar
Finnish Title

Valkoista sokeria

English Title

White Sugar

Production Countries
Finland,United Kingdom
Anikó Kuikka (Author), Anikó Kuikka (Cinematographer), Thomsen Fraya (Composer), Anikó Kuikka (Director), Jojo Erholtz (Editor), World Harmony Orchestra (Music), Anikó Kuikka (Script), Jarkko Moilanen (Actor), Roy Boswell (Actor), Simo Räty (Actor), Tuukka Haapakorpi (Actor), Joel Slotten (Actor), Man Yau (Actor), Jukka Jokiranta (Actor), Liisa Sofia Pöntinen (Actor), Anne Pasanen (Graphic Designer), Laura Välimäki (Make-Up), Ella Kuikka de Godoy (Make-Up), Alana Francis (Production Manager), Aleksi Tegel (Sound Design)
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Anikó Kuikka (b.1986, Espoo, Finland) is a Los Angeles based Finnish artist. She is a graduate from the Royal Academy of Arts in London awarded with a post graduate diploma in fine arts. She graduated as Master in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. Kuikka makes narrative moving image installations about the absurd construct of reality. Drawing from mythologies and fairytales, her characters play out archetypes and social power structures, aiming to deconstruct pre-existing values, the psyche, and identity.