Colouring Book. Now.

Pasi Sleeping Myllymäki

The film begins with the colouring of a black and white adult comic book. The material changes into nude photos from the Playboy magazine, with the women's faces framed off. The photos are being scratched on the celluloid, always starting from the pubic hair. At the same time, the sound of the felt-tip pen changes into masturbatory gasping. Childhood, sexuality, and loneliness meet in the act of colouring.

Production Year
Original Title
Värityskirja. Nyt.
Finnish Title

Värityskirja. Nyt. 

English Title

Colouring Book. Now.

Production Countries
Pasi Sleeping Myllymäki (Author), Risto Laakkonen (Cinematographer), Pasi Sleeping Myllymäki (Director)
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Pasi "Sleeping" Myllymäki is a Finnish filmmaker known for his alternative short films in the punk and underground scenes. Myllymäki graduated as a graphic designer from the Lahti Institute of Fine Arts and Design in 1976. Inspired by the DIY mentality of punk, he began making his own Super 8 shorts with the amateur cinematographer Risto Laakkonen. Between 1976–85 they produced nearly 50 short films. Between 1979–82, Myllymäki published a fanzine called “Maanalainen kaitaelokuva” (Underground DIY Cinema). The published articles were frenzied rants against the conservative values of 8 mm enthusiasts and manifestos that heralded a “new wave culture”. Myllymäki's underground short films have been screened e.g. at Image Forum Film Festival, Japan, and Venice Biennale 2017.

40 works