With colour - with sound

Cederberg Petteri

The stop motion animation is the artist’s personal attempt to portray infinity “with colour – with sound”. The concept of infinity is both fascinating and frustrating. How can something be infinite? Is there something beyond infinite? Infinity can be approached with imagination or mathematics – yet it can never be attained. Each frame of the animation is a painting or a drawing. The soundtrack is composed of manipulated recordings.

Production Year
Original Title
Värin - äänin
English Title

With colour - with sound

Production Countries
Petteri Cederberg (Author), Petteri Cederberg (Cinematographer), Petteri Cederberg (Composer), Petteri Cederberg (Director), Petteri Cederberg (Script), Petteri Cederberg (Editor), Espoon Kaupunki (Funder), Taiteen edistämiskeskus (Funder), AVEK (Funder), Petteri Cederberg (Sound Design)
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Petteri Cederberg

Born: 1976

Petteri Cederberg is a Helsinki based visual artist. His work contemplates the human condition and its subconscious realities. Petteri Cederberg works mainly in the field of animation and drawing. He approaches his animations as a living paintings or drawings rather than traditional film making with linear storytelling. The key to his animations is the idea of showing the process of painting with its mistakes and successes. Petteri Cederberg has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2011 with MFA degree in painting. His works are represented in public collections, such as State Art Deposit Collection and Helsinki Art Museum. His animations have been shown at numerous film and media-art festivals in Europe and in North America.