Wake - secondhand knowledge

Harri Larjosto

An installation consisting of multiple parts which can also be installed separately, Wake – Secondhand knowledge is a multimedia work designed to lure the audience into another, dream-like realm.

Production Year
Original Title
Valve - toisen käden tietoa
Finnish Title
Valve - toisen käden tietoa
English Title
Wake - secondhand knowledge
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Harri Larjosto (Author)
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Harri Larjosto is an artist from Turku who currently lives in Vantaa, Finland. He graduated from the University of Turku in 1976 and worked as a lecturer in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2002–08. He has participated in exhibitions since 1978 and has for over fifty years explored images and tested the limits of different artistic disciplines. Larjosto's videos have been presented in many European countries, Japan and the USA. Larjosto is one of the founding artists of the Finnish avant-garde group “Ö group” who in the 1980s shook the art world and society with their humorous criticism. As a poetic and absurd humorist, Larjosto wants to depict the energy of chances and changed views. Larjosto was awarded with the Finland Prize by the Finnish State in 2006, and he received artist pension in 2014.