Light in the window

Pauliina Salminen

The installation consists of two dark windows in which people appear. They become visible as they turn on the light. Some of them are hidden by the condensation on the glass, some wipe it off entirely whereas others draw a figure in it, making them more visible behind the glass. There is an interaction between the windows as people come and go, sometimes seeming aware of other persons' presence, sometimes appearing in complete solitude. The gestures they produce at the window may vary, but many of them draw lines that imitate existing or imaginary landscapes. These people stop looking out of the window whilst their thoughts wander towards different places and things. The landscape they are looking at could be anywhere as it changes in the eyes of each viewer.

Production Year
Original Title
Valoa ikkunassa
Finnish Title

Valoa ikkunassa

English Title

Light in the window

Production Countries
Pauliina Salminen (Author), Pauliina Salminen (Cinematographer), Pauliina Salminen (Editor)
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Pauliina Salminen is a Finnish artist who graduated from Turku School of Arts and Communication in 1999 and from Université de Provencessa in Marseille, France in 2001. She has directed documentaries and made alternative films and media art. Her work consists of installations, interactive works and linear videos. Since 2004, Salminen has collaborated with Argentinean artist Andrés Jaschek. Together they have produced works that combine video, interactive and communal approaches. Their works have been presented in Finland and abroad, especially in France and also in Italy, Spain, Turkey, India and the United States.